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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Aug 19 05:46:26 2004

Am 18 Aug 2004 15:44 meinte Fred Cisin:

> > > do, she asked me if I want an 'all off switch' in the
> > > bed room. I think I must have looked quite stupid, so
> > Actaully, if I was planning a workshop from scratch (something I've never
> > had the luxury of doing), I would include an 'all off' switch near the
> > door and make sure everyone in the house knew about it. Not because I am
> > worried about radiation, but in case I connected myself to the mains or
> > something.

> A convenience, NOT A SAFETY! , "All-OFF" is trivial to implement with X10.

Fred, I beg to differ.

For a workplace, an ALL-OFF switch is a safty measure, and
for professional setings a must, at least by German work
laws. And while electronic devices are a great help to
measure unsafe conditions, the OFF function itself has to
be provided by a classic real pair of contacts. Even more,
such a switch must have it's prefered position in OFF (the
position it may switch into with the least effort) and must
have some protection against unwilling turning on, which
must be at least some resistive force. For example, the red
mushroom I have has to be turned about 90 degree and then
pulled to be tunred on, while it needs just a little push
to turn it of and lock it.

Not a convineance, a security measure.

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