DEC Infoservers

From: meltie <>
Date: Thu Aug 19 13:26:35 2004

> > To my knowledge there are no special ROMs in an InfoServer other than
> > the standard MV3100 console ROM, and it's what lives on its boot disk
> > that makes it an InfoServer.
> I know that InfoServer code can be booted on either a uV3100 or
> a VS3100 (or maybe both, I forget the exact details) but there's
> some setting of bits that needs to be done at the console (I've
> forgotten these details too ...). Without the bit setting, the
> code will not run on a non-InfoServer box.

You've told me this before and I had a good dig around trying to jog
people's memories about it, but came up with no joy :(

> I think Fred has advertised some code that allows
> a Unix box to perform the functions of an
> InfoServer.

OpenLAST? I know he has - I did contact him about beta-testing it for
him but I got no reply so assumed that he'd already got enough
volunteers to test for him.

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