What fun from a Macintosh SE

From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Fri Aug 20 12:25:03 2004

>>> Hans Wrote.....
>>> > http://lowendmac.com/
>>> > (note that they are among the few who got the name thing
>>> right ... no
>>> > 'www.')

First I will agree that nearly every site gets it wrong. But that does not
imply that this site got it right!

The protocol [http://] and site [...somewhere.tld] are really independent.
For many entities ftp.myplace.com and www.myplace.com can be located worlds
apart. To further complicate matters an entity may want independent features
using the same protocol [internal.mysite.com www.mysite.com].

For MOST sites http://mydomain.tld should map to http://www.mydomain.tld for
convience, but I will argue that is is not a requirement to have "done it

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