What fun from a Macintosh SE

From: Ed Kelleher <Pres_at_macro-inc.com>
Date: Sun Aug 22 06:21:41 2004

At 11:14 PM 8/21/2004, Doc wrote:
>>>>>What kind of crack is that Sellam.


> Just to be clear, I didn't interprete your response to Ron's questions
> as a personal attack. I interpreted it as just your usual style; rude,
> condescending, inconsiderate, megalomanic, and antagonistic.
> I may be the only one on CC that gets irritated enough to speak up
> about your behavior, but I can't believe I'm the only member of this list
> that sees you as an insufferable, self-important prick.

Doc, you're not alone in either category above.
However, I temper my judgement and suffer the self-important prick because,
from what I understand, he does good with the VCF.
I figure he just wants to be the bad-boy on the list, using vulgar language
and smoking in the lavatory and all.
I'll take a jab every once in awhile, as you do, in hopes he'll come around,
and to let others know he's not representative of the whole list.

Ed Kelleher
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