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From: Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Sun Aug 22 14:23:51 2004

On Aug 22, 2004, at 11:45 AM, Fred Cisin wrote:

>>>> The real kick was, I didn't even have to buy the screwdriver. There
>>>> was no visible damage to the screwdriver tip from my careful work,
>>>> so it went back on the shelf.
>>> I find this mroally very wrong. I can't believe yor tool shops offer
>>> a
>>> free lending service for tools, I know ours don't. It's one thing to
>>> take the unit to the shop to find what tool will remove the screws
>>> (I've done that many times when I've wanted something obscure), but
>>> once you've found the right tool you should darn well buy it.
>> AutoZone, an automobile parts place around the US, offer free tool
>> rental
>> (and they also sell tools if you want to buy them). You give them a
>> deposit when you pick up the tool, and they give you back 100% of it
>> when you bring back the tool. Of course, I'm sure they wouldn't give
>> you the whole/any of the deposit back if you broke the tool before
>> bringing it back.
> And how about a store that sells tools as NEW, after they've
> been used, and abused, such as use of the wrong size screwdriver,
> or even using a flatblade screwdriver on a torx screw? I don't
> like having to do a detailed inspection of "new" tools looking
> for damage that they hadn't noticed, in addition to the normal
> inspection for manufacturing defects.
Of course the store could be chalking it up to "Advertising". Did they
the tool back out for sale? Did they inspect it first. I don't think
the tool borrower did was wrong as long as it was done under the eye of
store staff, and not done sneaky in the back of the aisle when no one
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