ASR-33's and Brain Dead "Repair" man...

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 14:56:45 2004

Ok, I am at it again...
Powering up the "really nice" ASR-33 that I pickjed up last weekend. After
checking thing out [voltages mechanical inspection, etc] I have powered it
[F4 the fuse for the motor WAS blown, a replacement of the ssame rating is
Motor spins up nicely (real quiet and sweet!), with the mode set to local,
the break and here-is keys do the "right things", however NONE of the other
keys do. My first thought was an issue with the keyboard unit, but a swap
from my other (dirty, smashed case, etc) unit yields the same results. My
next thought was the distributor [since checking the schematic shows that
the break key does NOT require the distributor connectivty]....
Powered down, disassembled to look at the brushes, they look brand new [cant
wait till I get to post some pictures of this baby!!!!].
Every thing also seems to buzz out as I would expect.
This indicates that the failure mode might well (once again) be me......
Hopefully someone here will think of something I am missing.....
A reply e-mail would be appreciated, a call bfrom anyone with an idea and a
few minutes would be great! [If it is long distance, I can call anyone
willing to help].
My weekend will be some mich better if I get this working and buttoned up
tonight [It's so cleen that it is even scheduled to go in the living space
rather than my lab when buttoned up and working!
Thanks in advance.
David Corbin
Sayville, NY
Received on Sun Aug 22 2004 - 14:56:45 BST

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