would anyone read a couple of DECtapes for me? (USA)

From: Graham Toal <gtoal_at_gtoal.com>
Date: Sun Aug 22 23:04:55 2004

Some time back our project (the Edinburgh Computer History
project) organised a trip to Grenoble to meet Hans Pufal and
read a box of DECtapes on his PDP9. Since then we've had
a few more tapes turn up and I have a couple of them over
here in the states. Is there anyone over here who would
be willing to read them for us please?

We have code to decode the contents; we just need a raw dump
of the blocks. I have one which I can mail any time as a
test (some old Fortran code, not very historically
significant) and if all goes well I will be getting a
second one soon from one of our group members which
does have some significant code on it that we'd very
much like to recover.

Drop me a line - gtoal_at_gtoal.com - if you can help.
(If you reply here, I'm not being rude by not replying
immediately - I read this group in digest format so I
get it a day late)


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