ASR-33's and Brain Dead "Repair" man...

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Aug 22 23:51:38 2004

> Tony,
> Thanks for the response...
> >>>You say the other keys don't do the right thing. Do they do _anything_?
> >>> In particular, when you press a key, the distributor brush should spin
> >>> round once. Does it? If not, it indicates a mechanical problem in the
> >>> linkage or the clutch.
> The keys do Nothing (although I can see the armatures freely moving up and
> down. The rotor does NOT move at all. The break key DOES cause it to "space

If pressing a key doesn't cause the distributor to spin, then there's a
mechanical problem. You want to investigate the linkage that starts at
the ekyboard (the metal strip that the H-plate slots into should
turn counterclockwise seen from the left side when you press a key, and
is returned to the clcokwise position by the H-plate). Then trace the
linkage via the H-plate to the clutch at the back. This should engage
when the key is pressed.

> out", as expected. Putting the device in line, does NOT cause it to space
> out. In my mind this indicates that the selector magnet is functional...IS

YEs, it sounds like the selector is OK.


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