OT: X programmer needed for XGameStation IDE

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_floodgap.com>
Date: Mon Aug 23 08:48:18 2004

> > Is there a competent X-Windows programmer in the house? The folks at
> > XGameStation need to port their graphical IDE to a Linux environment. I
> > don't have many more details but if you are interested in learning more
> > then please e-mail me and I'll forward you to the appropriate party.
> Uh-oh if it'S native windows right now, it will be a pure nightmare.
> Especialy whany they expect to have future releases on both platforms.
> The best aproach would be switching for a complete environment, that
> is available on both platforms ... for example Qt. First port the App
> to a QT base and then just move it over to Linux.
> Qt is 100% compatible availabe forWindows, X11 and Mac (and an
> embedded aproaches for embedded Linux), so moveing over would
> also open the IDE to Mac Fans.

I couldn't agree more with Hans as far as implementation, and the fact that
the IDE is Windows-only is its greatest barrier to me (I thought Andre was
going to have open-source tools from the getgo?). If Andre wants a Mac
beta-tester for checking that the system works and properly compiles/generates
object code, I have Jaguar and Panther available here.

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