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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Aug 23 17:46:47 2004

> > > That's because they didn't have computers back then.
> >
> >Yes they did. They were the people who operated the calculating machines :-)
> Altho I'm certainly no exspurt on the Queen's English, at least as far as
> "correct" American English goes, the spelling for the word defined as
> "People who are operating the computing machines" would be:
> Computors.
> ^
> This even holds true for people who stick 2 pieces of metal together with a
> hot stick - Welders are the devices used, Weldors are the people running
> the devices.

I've just checked the Shorter Oxford Dictionary (this is a 2-volume
English dictionary, mine is somewhat old). It doesn't contain Computor or
Weldor at all. A 'Welder' is one who welds, a Computer is a person who

US usage may well be different (in fact the usage may have changed in
England since my dictionary was published, but I don't think it has).

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