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Date: Tue Aug 24 08:17:09 2004

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> Not for the squeamish. Four photos, arranged like so:
Eek! I bet that made quite a bang.
I've just picked up a Liberty Electronics BT1430A0 CRT terminal. RS232
interface (two ports), 12" CRT with amber phosphor, three keyboards (one
working, two for spares) and very minor screen burn. From what I can see in
the ROM dumps, there's a self-test screen and there appears to be a
full-screen Setup option, in addition to the setup option that only uses row
25 (%DEITY knows how to access it though). Took a while to find the Magic
Incantation (tm) to make it store the current setup - you press F3 to enter
setup, navigate with the cursor keys, SPACE changes the value of the
currently selected option, then Ctrl-F3 saves the settings and F3 closes the
Setup tool. FWICT, the actual "model name" for the '1430 was "Freedom ONE
Plus" (found that in the ROM dump). Does anyone want to stick the ROMs on
their site for the sake of archiving them?
Now if only I could find a way to reduce the amount of 50Hz EMI the terminal
spews out. My Mitsubishi CRT monitor's picture gains a rolling black bar
whenever the terminal is switched on - even though it's a good 6" away. Set
the refresh rate to 75Hz (from 60Hz) and the picture starts shimmering.
Anyone got some spare mumetal? :)

Now if only I could find out why this pesky Win2k box won't display the logon
window, my life would be complete.

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