My GE Terminet 300

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 11:29:22 2004

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> I've just picked up a Liberty Electronics BT1430A0 CRT terminal. RS232
> interface (two ports), 12" CRT with amber phosphor, three keyboards (one
> working, two for spares) and very minor screen burn. From what I can see in
> the ROM dumps, there's a self-test screen and there appears to be a
> full-screen Setup option, in addition to the setup option that only uses row
> 25 (%DEITY knows how to access it though). Took a while to find the Magic
> Incantation (tm) to make it store the current setup - you press F3 to enter
> setup, navigate with the cursor keys, SPACE changes the value of the
> currently selected option, then Ctrl-F3 saves the settings and F3 closes the
> Setup tool. FWICT, the actual "model name" for the '1430 was "Freedom ONE
> Plus" (found that in the ROM dump). Does anyone want to stick the ROMs on
> their site for the sake of archiving them?

Philip, I believe I *might* have one of these terminals new in the box.
I'll check later today and if so I'll extract the manual and get it to Al
for scanning.

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