Sharp PC1248

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Tue Aug 24 17:11:59 2004

At 22:19 23/08/2004, you wrote:

>Hi folks,
>Had a mail from someone who has 2 of these 'boxed in new condition'. They're
>pretty early BASIC calculators so they must be of interest to someone; he'd
>like to know how much they're worth to collectors - it's the first time
>someone's mailed me who doesn't want to stick things on ebay!

Bugger all is the answer. You can still buy them new - google for "Merlin 2
navigation computer". Yours for AU$235, and that includes some useful software.

I have a bunch of them, although they're not NIB. I also have some PC1360s,
which are cooler IMHO. Also, somewhere, I have a super-rarity - a piece of
software called "Transfile PC" which - with the included cable - allows one
to write basic programs with your PC (c/w proper keyboard, obviously), then
transfer them to the Sharp PCxxxx (it supported a number of models,
including the PC1248) to be run. Dead handy, it was - I must root it out
again & make sure it still works...

Cheers, Ade.
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