Sharp PC124x/5x/6x

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 09:24:16 2004

Am 24 Aug 2004 23:11 meinte Adrian Vickers:
> At 22:19 23/08/2004, you wrote:
> >Had a mail from someone who has 2 of these 'boxed in new condition'. They're
> >pretty early BASIC calculators so they must be of interest to someone; he'd
> >like to know how much they're worth to collectors - it's the first time
> >someone's mailed me who doesn't want to stick things on ebay!

> I have a bunch of them, although they're not NIB. I also have some PC1360s,
> which are cooler IMHO.

Personaly I prefer the 125x Series, the ancessor of all of the 8Bit
12xx and 13xx Machines. The 13xx are just to big, without any real
advantage, but the big drawback that you could no longer use the
CE-125 docking station (cassette, printer, additional baterie and
serial). Also, IIRC, the display was again smaler (16 instead of
24 characters)

Still, the 126x with the two 2x24 character Display is the most
usefull. Of course, the 1500 is a great machine, but quite to
bulky. Insead I prefered the Panasonic HHC - about the same size
as the 1500, but a straight, plain 6502 computer!

> Also, somewhere, I have a super-rarity - a piece of
> software called "Transfile PC" which

Not so rare.

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