Cleaning up yellowed/grubby plastic?

From: Dave Woodman <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 01:28:31 2004

Roger Merchberger wrote:

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> As I understand it, "peanut butter" is solely a North-American
> delicacy... the closest thing I'd heart of in the UK would be Vegemite
> (or maybe marmite), but IIRC that's made from brewers yeast, is it not?

We have peanut butter here in Blighty, but Vegemite is Oz. so it's throw
away the maybe, it's Marmite all the way!

> Nutella would be similar as well, if you mixed peanut butter with
> chocolate before canning... Hmmm... Time to see where I can order
> some; haven't had any in *ages*...

The nuts in Nutella are hazelnuts, IIRC. Still, mustn't go of Topic
(possibly for older British readers only).

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