Toshiba 3200 questions (wireless?)

From: JimD <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 01:20:58 2004

Jay West wrote:

>Finally really digging into my toshiba 3200 and have a few questions maybe
>others know:
>1) Even after adjusting the contrast & brightness knobs on the side, I can't
>get a black background. The background is decidedly orange-ish still. It's
>been over 20 years since I used a plasma screen. Is this normal, or is my
>screen possibly challenged?
>2) I want this thing to work on my home wireless network. I'm assuming there
>are no ISA wireless cards, especially with DOS drivers. So I was thinking
>Xircom pocket ethernet adapter and a wireless bridge. Anyone have any better
>Thanks for any advice!
>Jay West
I have a number of compaq portible 3's, all have a rather bright neon
orange glow. I used a
new one back in the early 90's, and it was the same. Sorry, No black
unless it's turned off.
I don't know about your toshiiba, but I suspect the same effect.
Jim Davis.
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