dos electronics software?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 08:56:00 2004

I've been searching the net for DOS based electronics software, and I'm
coming up pretty dry. Was hoping someone had suggestions with all the
electronics folks here.

1) Looking for a dos based databook application, primarily for 74xx series
and such. Something that will give me quick access to pinouts, data sheet
info, etc. I did find a promising dos app called ICID, but alas, when it
goes to display pinout info it just blanks the screen on my Toshiba 3200
(only on the pinout page, the rest of the app displays fine).

2) Also need a DOS based semiconductor cross reference guide. I've found a
few out there that are free, but they are all windows based.

3) Lastly, looking for a program that will collect data from and control my
1631 logic analyser via HPIB. I can't find anything on this.

4) Any other handy dos programs for the bench.

Please help, I can't stand the thought of a Windows machine being on the
bench next to me vintage gear :>


Jay West

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