Toshiba 3200 questions (wireless?)

From: Dr. Ido <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 08:04:48 2004

At 10:05 PM 8/24/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Finally really digging into my toshiba 3200 and have a few questions maybe
>others know:
>1) Even after adjusting the contrast & brightness knobs on the side, I can't
>get a black background. The background is decidedly orange-ish still. It's
>been over 20 years since I used a plasma screen. Is this normal, or is my
>screen possibly challenged?

It's normal, I've never seen a plasma display that has a truly black
background (at least not among the panels used in old computers, I've
haven't paid much attention to plasma TVs, much rather have a decent CRT).
I've got several Compaq portable 3s and 386s and a couple of Toshibas.
>From memory the Compaq Portable 3, 386 and the Toshibas 3200 use the exact
same Panasonic panel.

If you install windows 3.x on it use the Olivetti display driver to get a
640x400 display.
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