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Date: Wed Aug 25 09:40:07 2004

Am 24 Aug 2004 16:14 meinte John Lawson:
> On Tue, 24 Aug 2004, Ron Hudson wrote:
> > carthridge

> > Isn't that a town in indiana?

> People from a Biblical place.
> Carthraginians
> ouch!

No, not realy, beeing European gives the advantage to
learn in school abut modern history (aka less than 2500
years ago). Carthridge comes from Carthago, an ancient
greek colony (like Rome) who happened to form a quite
formidable empire in Northern Africa, the Middle East
and Spain - well, the small mediterean wasn't big enough
for two, so they had some little 'paece missions' with
Rome and vice versa. After Rome succeded in raiding
Cathago it became Carthride (short form for Carthago
has been raided).

Also, most notable, it's also the orgin for the modern
time word of Chargo ... 'cause that's what they called
all the valuables the romans took from Carthrige.


See, knowing your history is a plus, even in todays World.

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