dos electronics software?

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 09:56:44 2004

Rumor has it that John Lawson may have mentioned these words:

> Jay, I have a couple of old pacakges on early CDROM that I need to dig
> up - also, the Simtel mirrors have a ton of this type of software, still
> being sold today (sold as in 'pay for the media') and still very much
> meant for DOS.
> Hell, even the PIC programming and compilers that came with my
> programmer was mainly for DOS, though someone had, rather inexpertly,
> ported it to the Windows world....

Otay, I'll ask this again now that Jay's gotten everyone's attention:

Is there any good older software (Dos works, Linux works, but Winders is ok
too, if that's all there is) for making the JEDEC files for older

The free software from Atmel & Lattice are geared around the newer FPGAs
that you could build a 6809 out of, and are correspondingly difficult to
comprehend for simpler matters. All I want to do is design a couple of
PEELs for address decoding for a couple projects on my CoCos and Model 200...

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