dos electronics software? (PLDs)

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Date: Wed Aug 25 12:14:19 2004

I was on the original team that developed ABEL, the Data I/O PLD language.

I co-authored a book "Digital Design using ABEL" in 1994 that came with
a special copy of ABEL version 5.0. I have this book in electronic form.

I also have versions of ABEL from 1.0 to 5.0 that run without a dongal.
These are DOS versions. I have a mag tape of ABEL 1.0 for VMS (I think.)

Xilinx owns the current ABEL software and Prentice Hall owns the copyright
on the book. However I will post a copy of my book and a full version of
ABEL 5.0 on the web somewhere. I will make the link available on request.

Michael Holley
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