Drive alignment

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 15:52:30 2004

> Thanks Tony - I have swabbed it with Isopropyl alcohol - I assume
> that's the same thing.

Yes. Isopropyl alcohol = isopropanol = propan-2-ol = CH_3 CHOH CH_3


> Another theory I had was that I figured that Drive 0 has probably had
> a lot more use so I might try swapping them around if I can sort out the
> jumpers (if they have any) and see if I can get it to boot.

I've never worked on the 2/12/16 series, but on the smaller TRS80s
(1/3/4), the drives are selected by missing contacts on the cable (only
the corerect drive select line is connected to a given drive), so all
drives are jumpered identically, and whether it's drive 0 or drive 1
depends on where tyou plug it into the cable.

You might also get a pinout of the 8" drive connector and trace the drive
select lines from the edge connector on the drive to the jumpers. This is
normally pretty simple.

Oh, and don't forget that the termination resistors are fitted/enabled on
the physically last drive on the cable (furthest from the controller).

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