Liberty Freedom One Plus (was Re: My GE Terminet 300)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 15:55:49 2004

> CONFUSED here. How the heck do you scan a printer ribbon?
> :-)

I can think of 2 reasons why you might want to

1) Put the cartridge on a scanner to send an image of it to someone so
they can find the right one in their junk box (I've put parts on a
photocopier before now to keep a record of their size/shape).

2) On a single-shot carbon film ribbon you could probably recover what's
been printed by scanning it. It's trivial on a daisywheel, but on a
multi-pass dot-matirx machine like a Sanders, the pattern on the ribbon
doesn't look like the characters, but probably could be decoded with the
right software.

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