Cleaning up yellowed/grubby plastic?

From: Scott Stevens <>
Date: Wed Aug 25 19:52:01 2004

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 19:57:51 -0400
Roger Merchberger <> wrote:

> Rumor has it that Teo Zenios may have mentioned these words:
> > > Viscosity is also a large factor on environment. WD40 works great
> > > on my door hinges in my house, but I use heavy grease on
> > > automotive door
> >hinges...
> > >
> > > Just IMHO,
> > > Roger "Merch" Merchberger
> > >
> >
> >Real mechanics read the manual that came with the machine they need
> >to lube, and they also make sure the lube is rated for the
> >temperature their gear will run in. Last time I checked viscosity is
> >temperature dependent, so you might need something "thicker" in
> >hotter climates and something "thinner" in colder ones.
> Well, I wasn't advocating using WD-40 in the crankcase... :-O
> I have yet to see a lubrication guide for indoor-use door hinges...
> >If you are not sure, then go ask somebody who might have a clue (well
> >works for me anyway).
> ...and my car dealership uses WD-40 on automotive hinges (which
> especially up in the cold, salty north doesn't last very long at all).
> They should be the ones with the clue, should they not? ;-P
It's my understanding, and I'm not a lubricant expert, that WD40 is a
solvent, not a lubricant. And that it essentially activates dried or
hardened lubricant. If it's over-applied it washes out the lubricant and
has negative impact, rather than a benefit.

But that's me, contributing to the topic drift.

My understanding does reinforce the idea that WD40 is a solvent, though,
since the thread was originally about using it to clean.

> >For quite a few purposes around the house where something is old and
> >stuck and just needs to get moving again (not worth the time and
> >effort for a rebuild) WD40 works just fine.
> Which is pretty much what I was getting at...
> (Oh, and I'm not a real mechanic, either. I don't even play one on TV!
> I'm a geek.)
> Laterz,
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