What fun from a Macintosh SE

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu Aug 26 23:23:34 2004

> > The question then is why IBM went to the expense of putting a fuse
> > connector inside the box. A wiretail fuse surely would be at least a
> > slight cost savings. I've never seen that fuse blown, personally.
> To be honest, pigtailed fuses is major pain in butt to locate new
> parts and replace. We stock 95% of typical fuses at our TV shop.

Yes, but considering you weren't supposed to replace this fuse (it was
inside a case seccured with tamperproof screws, did IBM really think this

> > My first 'PC Clone' was made with one of those old 63.5 watt IBM
> > supplies. In a totally non-matched Leading Edge Model D case. To fit
> > the supply in such a case, the supply circuit board had to be completely
> > removed from the steel case and just bolted inside the Model D case.
> UGH! At least have metal cage around that power supply!?

I have a commercial AT clone (made by a company called AES) which has an
open-PCB SMPSU at one side. No cover over it at all. No, I don't like
this design at all.

> By the way, many of them were made by Zenith for IBM power supplies.
> Zenith switching power supplies are awful and bizerre design.

What's wrong with them. I seem to remember tracing out schematics of the
PSUs in my PCs, and I didn't think they were that odd. They're better
than those infernal Boschert 2-stage ones....

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