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Date: Fri Aug 27 16:19:14 2004

> The question then is why IBM went to the expense of putting a fuse
> connector inside the box. A wiretail fuse surely would be at least a
> slight cost savings. I've never seen that fuse blown, personally.

To be honest, pigtailed fuses is major pain in butt to locate new
parts and replace. We stock 95% of typical fuses at our TV shop.
> My first 'PC Clone' was made with one of those old 63.5 watt IBM
> supplies. In a totally non-matched Leading Edge Model D case. To fit
> the supply in such a case, the supply circuit board had to be completely
> removed from the steel case and just bolted inside the Model D case.

UGH! At least have metal cage around that power supply!?
By the way, many of them were made by Zenith for IBM power supplies.
Zenith switching power supplies are awful and bizerre design.


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