Anyone got an HP Paintjet printer?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri Dec 3 18:51:54 2004

This is going to seem like an odd question, but here goes...

I've borrowed a Paintjet (colour inkjet) printer from HPCC (as you
probably all know I am somewhat invovled with that club) with the idea of
taking it apart, figuring out how it works, etc. Yes, the club do know I
do that sort of thing :-)

So far, so good. I've figured it out, made notes, and put it back
together. Problem is, I can't get it right...

Here's the problem. There's what I'd call a 'pressure bail' that holds
the paper against the platten. It carries a transparent plastic window.
And that window seems very loose. So loose, in fact that it rubs on the
ink cartridges when you move the carriage. And when the carriage moves to
the far right (parking position), the window drops so far that it jams
the carriage, which then can't move back to the left.

The problem is compounded by the fact that I don't know that it was
correct before I took it apart. I do know I've got no bits left over.
I also didn't dismantle that part of the printer (I did remove the logic
board and mechanism from the case, I did dismantle the mechanism far
enough to remove the carriage and motors). I can't see any obvious places
where something (like a spring) should go, but equally the finish on the
tabs of the window (I did remove that _after_ I discovered the problem in
an attempt to find it) doesn't look as good as I'd expect from old HP.
Maybe some tabs have broken off.

So my questions are (if you have a Paintjet, original version)

Look at the windw in front of the platten on top of the machine. Does
it seem to sag at the front edge, or is it forced up against the inside
of the case.

If you can remove the cover (I can tell you how to do this, it's easy and
doesn't need tools), I'd like to know just what supports the window. Are
there any springs or spring wires/leaves on the front of the pressure
bail? Are there any 'extensions' to the tabs on the window at the front
of the bail?

If I know thrre's something missing/broken I can have a go at
making/kludging it.

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