Iomega ZIP drives

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actually I have a scsi ZIP drive

and it is possible to run it on straght scsi.. I do here.

basically you just need the scsi card and a standard external scsi cable to

the only propriety bit was the stupid little dongle that you had attached to
either end of the cable. i've run it fine here on standard scsi using a
normal scsi pc-card.

the other thing, watch out for the head crashing problem. as it tends to
knacker the disks.... if u start getting a clunking sound then look up on
google. there was a site which had a fix for it, but i forget what it was.


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> They also made SCSI ZIPs - used on Macs and SGIs, etc. The parallel models
> used a proprietary SCSI over parallel protocol, at least on the early
> ones, and
> were slower than snails. I've never popped one open to see if it is
> possible
> to revert to SCSI, though (probably not). I think I heard that later
> models
> used an encapsulated IDE protocol. I'm not sure if it is still the case,
> but I
> think some of the old (2.2.x) Linux kernels had some documentation about
> the
> protocol.
> It could be possible to hack together a similar interface for floppies,
> though (encapsulate over parallel port)

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