Iomega ZIP drives

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Date: Sun Dec 12 08:26:06 2004

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> the other thing, watch out for the head crashing problem. as it tends to
> knacker the disks.... if u start getting a clunking sound then look up on
> google. there was a site which had a fix for it, but i forget what it was.

Ohh yes. The Zip drive Click-o'-Death. My, that brings back memories.
Painful, painful memories...

I've got a Zip Plus that needs a new PSU, but I have no intention of spending
any money on it. The media is far too expensive, especially in comparison to
CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. That and the drives aren't particularly reliable. Optical
media (especially DVD) tends to be a fair bit more robust. CDs are at the low
end - a scratch on the label side will convert any CD into a coaster. DVDs
don't tend to suffer from that problem to the same degree (CDs have the data
layer on top of a layer of plastic; DVDs have two layers of plastic on the
outside with the data layer sandwiched in the middle).
Punched paper or mylar tape would probably last a lot longer than any CD
though :)

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