Iomega ZIP drives

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Sun Dec 12 08:37:24 2004 wrote:

> actually I have a scsi ZIP drive
> and it is possible to run it on straght scsi.. I do here.
> basically you just need the scsi card and a standard external scsi cable
> to fit.
> the only propriety bit was the stupid little dongle that you had
> attached to either end of the cable. i've run it fine here on standard
> scsi using a normal scsi pc-card.
> the other thing, watch out for the head crashing problem. as it tends to
> knacker the disks.... if u start getting a clunking sound then look up
> on google. there was a site which had a fix for it, but i forget what it
> was.
> regards
> charles

The site you are thinking of is Gibson Research, I suspect.

Is the "stupid little dongle" you are talking about the thing that
changed a standard 50-pin high density scsi connector to a 25-pin D
connector? That is a somewhat standard kind of a dongle. You can buy
cables that do the same translation.
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