Sweet.. New toy..

From: David Holland <dholland_at_woh.rr.com>
Date: Wed Dec 22 17:19:42 2004

/me just got a early Xmas present.

I got what should be a relatively complete Vax 4000-300, console,
cables, and w/ some form of MO jukebox. Might even have a line on a
small pile of tapes for the thing..

I don't know very little about the spec's on the box, as I literally
just got ahold of it.. Looks like its got a fair bit of SCSI, and
Ethernet in it. I'd guess its only got 32Mb of memory as I only saw
one obvious MS670 memory board. (It took that many chips to make 32MB!?)

The only concern I've got is, while its been stored in doors most of its
life, its been outdoors since Monday, and its gotten _COLD_. I think
it'll need a day or two just to warm up.

I see what appears to be at least some documentation up on bitsavers, at
least the phrase KA670 seems to match up what's on the little tag at the
bottom of the unit.

Does anyone have any other suggested hardware documentation site's they
think would be worthwhile to point me at?


/me goes back to poking at the innards. :-)

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