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From: Antonio Carlini <a.carlini_at_ntlworld.com>
Date: Wed Dec 22 17:46:06 2004

> I got what should be a relatively complete Vax 4000-300, console,
> cables, and w/ some form of MO jukebox. Might even have a line on a
> small pile of tapes for the thing..


> I don't know very little about the spec's on the box, as I literally
> just got ahold of it.. Looks like its got a fair bit of SCSI, and
> Ethernet in it. I'd guess its only got 32Mb of memory as I only saw
> one obvious MS670 memory board. (It took that many chips to
> make 32MB!?)

I would expect ethernet, but SCSI, while possible, is rarer. These
things usually had SDI drives (KDA50 inside, RA7x drives in the
upper bays) or DSSI (again RF7x drives in the upper bays).

It was possible to arrange for SCSI to be in the box using
a KZQSA, but that was only used to drive CDROM and tape -
disks were not oficially supported.

The small high density connector is sometimes mistaken for
SCSI. Having what looks like a pair of SCSI connectors on
the far left hand side does not mean you actually have SCSI
(unless there is a KZQSA inside).

> I see what appears to be at least some documentation up on
> bitsavers, at
> least the phrase KA670 seems to match up what's on the little
> tag at the
> bottom of the unit.

The VAX 4000-300 CPU is indeed a KA670. If you have the later
backplane (I forget the right serial number sequence) then
you can upgrade to any of the later models (-400, -500,
-600, 700A, -705A and maybe a few I missed along the way)
just by swapping CPU and memory. The other CPUs are KA68x
and KA69x. Lots of technical manuals available for pretty
much all of these.

> Does anyone have any other suggested hardware documentation
> site's they
> think would be worthwhile to point me at?

http://vt100.net indexes pretty much everything.


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