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From: Lyle Bickley <lbickley_at_bickleywest.com>
Date: Wed Dec 22 18:43:48 2004

Here's a couple of good place to start (I've got a 4000-300 and 4000-600)




On Wednesday 22 December 2004 15:19, David Holland wrote:
> /me just got a early Xmas present.
> I got what should be a relatively complete Vax 4000-300, console,
> cables, and w/ some form of MO jukebox. Might even have a line on a
> small pile of tapes for the thing..
> I don't know very little about the spec's on the box, as I literally
> just got ahold of it.. Looks like its got a fair bit of SCSI, and
> Ethernet in it. I'd guess its only got 32Mb of memory as I only saw
> one obvious MS670 memory board. (It took that many chips to make 32MB!?)
> The only concern I've got is, while its been stored in doors most of its
> life, its been outdoors since Monday, and its gotten _COLD_. I think
> it'll need a day or two just to warm up.
> I see what appears to be at least some documentation up on bitsavers, at
> least the phrase KA670 seems to match up what's on the little tag at the
> bottom of the unit.
> Does anyone have any other suggested hardware documentation site's they
> think would be worthwhile to point me at?
> Thanks,
> /me goes back to poking at the innards. :-)
> David

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