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From: Adrian Graham <witchy_at_binarydinosaurs.co.uk>
Date: Wed Dec 22 18:19:38 2004

> It was possible to arrange for SCSI to be in the box using a
> KZQSA, but that was only used to drive CDROM and tape - disks
> were not oficially supported.

> The small high density connector is sometimes mistaken for
> SCSI. Having what looks like a pair of SCSI connectors on the
> far left hand side does not mean you actually have SCSI
> (unless there is a KZQSA inside).

The small connector is DSSI and should have a terminator installed, were
those 50-way connectors ever used for a KZQSA? I thought the board itself
had the sockets on, though thinking about it I can't remember which socket I
used to connect up an RRD42 or TLZ04/6. Should check my own machines more
often :)
> The VAX 4000-300 CPU is indeed a KA670. If you have the later
> backplane (I forget the right serial number sequence) then
> you can upgrade to any of the later models (-400, -500, -600,

Easiest way to check is to pop the CPU/memory module cover and pull the
boards - earlier models had the usual quad height finger/socket connection
with a ribbon cable doing the cpu/memory interconnect while the later ones
used the zero-force type white socket blocks found on the likes of the
HSD/HSZ RAID controllers and Alpha 1200 CPU modules.

In other news, all the best for a quality collecting 2005!

cheers! I'm one step closer to owning an Apple Lisa 1 but unfortunately it
was upgraded to a MacXL, which I think I mentioned on here at the time.....

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