Need RT-11 on RX02

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 3 17:57:12 2004

> I gotta strip the RX02 I've been using. It squeals like a little
> girl at power-up, and I want to catch that before it doesn't squeal
> anymore....

Most of the time when an RX01/2 makes nasty noises, it's dry bearings on
the spindle motor.

You have to remve the front panel (screws from behind, swing up the
controller card) and the the fan housing. Then unplug the mains harness
to the drive motors (at the back, 3 pin socket to each drive, 15 pin plug
into the PSU), unplug the drive wiring from the read/write board. Then
undo the screws holding the drives in place (it can help to remove the
PSU and/or the read/write card), and drop the drive out.

Take the baseplate off the drive, loosen the nuts holding the motor down,
and remove the belt. Then take off the nuts and ease the motor out.
Remove the motor fan and pulley (the latter always has a setscrew, the
former may do, or may be a push-fit with a springclip). Prise (pry?) the
plastic covers off the ends of the motor bearings, and put a drop of
ligth oil on each bearing. Then put it all back together.

It probably took me longer to type this than it does to do the repair!

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