'melted' tape roller

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue Feb 3 18:05:45 2004

> I've seen this phenomenon on the likes of printers etc but I've never seen
> it on a tape drive. Basically the rubber that used to surround the wheel
> that controls FF/REW/Play functions on the tapedeck in my newly acquired
> Sharp MZ80B has melted to a sticky black compound that's run down the
> housing and gummed up the tape wheels.

You might find an 'idler tyre' for a VCR would work if you can get one
the right size. You want to go to a _good_ VCR spares/repair place and
see if they can match it up.

I don't think an O-ring is very suitable here, you want something with
a rectangluar cross-section.

I believe classic car restorers use a 2-part 'rubber' compound to make
thigns like pedal rubbers, seals, etc. I wonder if that could be used to
make rollers, etc. Making the moulds would be fairly easy in a reasonable
home workshop. Anyone know if said compound is available in the UK?

I've got a roller to rebuild sometime. The platten roller for a Versatec
V80 electrostatic plotter. It's turned to goo. This is a full-size
platten, in 2 parts, with differential gearing between them (to keep the
paper running straight!). Should be 'interesting' to repair...

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