'melted' tape roller

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Date: Tue Feb 3 18:15:13 2004

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> The first trick is to find a tape drive with a good roller
> and measure it's size. A lot of people make new (small)

OK :) Anyone out there got a Sharp MZ80B they're willing to dismantle for
me? 7 screws off the back of the monitor/tape drive housing and 5 screws to
remove the mechanism after some careful cable unplugging, and watch for the
monitor flyback transformer....

> sizes such as the HP-85. I've also build up the aluminium
> rollers with layers of heatshrink tubing. HS works but it
> wears fast and it's hard to get it exactly round.

Right. Thinking cap on for me then....I was hoping for a spare part, but I
guess something homegrown is more satisfying.


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