'melted' tape roller

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed Feb 4 17:07:35 2004

> > I don't think an O-ring is very suitable here, you want
> > something with a rectangluar cross-section.
> Does it have to be? Though I suppose I need something that's solid and not
> liable to shift around so the speed of the drive will be constant.

The reason for wanting the rectangular cross-section is that it will
increase the contact area.

Constant speed probably isn't _that_ important. On most of these units,
the idler is only used for rewind and fast forward (and maybe for driving
the takeup spool clutch in play/record modes). The tape speed is
determined by the capstan and pinch roller in play and record (which is
when it really matters).

> There's a car interior restorer just down the road from here - they might
> know, though with a name like 'northumbrian leather interiors' they might
> not :)

Thinks... There used to be a company called 'Eastwood Tools' somewhere
near Bristol (Yate???). They're the sort of place that would have stocked
it. Dunno if they're still around, though.

> > This is a full-size platten, in 2 parts, with differential
> > gearing between them (to keep the paper running straight!).
> > Should be 'interesting' to repair...
> Ick - sounds like fun!

Yeah, the service manual just tells you to replace the platten. At least
I know how to take it apart.

It's a zog. I have loads of spare parts for this machine (complete set of
PCBs, front cover, control panel, motor, nib PCB, back electrode
assembly, etc). But no spare platten. Mind you, a spare would be old by
now and would probably have decayed...

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