'melted' tape roller

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> Constant speed probably isn't _that_ important. On most of
> these units, the idler is only used for rewind and fast
> forward (and maybe for driving the takeup spool clutch in
> play/record modes). The tape speed is determined by the
> capstan and pinch roller in play and record (which is when it
> really matters).

Ah yes, of course. I'd forgotten about the pinch roller - must be 20 years
or so since I last had a tape recorder in bits :)
> Thinks... There used to be a company called 'Eastwood Tools'
> somewhere near Bristol (Yate???). They're the sort of place
> that would have stocked it. Dunno if they're still around, though.

Some swift googling doesn't turn up a web presence but that doesn't mean
much. Mind, 192.com comes up with nothing either.


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