Control Data Computer At $66.00

From: Curt vendel <>
Date: Mon Feb 9 12:28:39 2004

Hey I'm up for it, I guess we'd need a system with some serial ports or a
few modems attached, there is a website:

Plato People:

That seems to have some good history, I wonder if they have salvaged any of
the code or even a working system, it would be a great collective project to
try and get going and to see back on-line. I have a few brand new sealed
Plato packages for the Atari 800/XL/XE line if anyone is interested, contact
me off-list.


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> On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Curt Vendel wrote:
> > Atari actually hired in a bunch of former CDC managers, they released a
> > Plato Network cartridge for the Atari 800. It used the graphics mode 8
> > (192X320) mode and I remember signing up in 84-85 for the service and it
> > was incredible to see animated screens and simple music come up from the
> > service.... too bad it closed, it was a spectacular
> > pre-today's-internet look at what would come down the road.
> Setting up a Plato network would be a neat exercise. I wonder what would
> be involved?
> Is the server-side software still around anywhere? Just what was the
> server (some CDC mainframe I assume)? Can it be emulated? Running on the
> original hardware would of course be preferable but mayeb not practical.
> I think at least one person here has a Plato terminal. How many are still
> out there?
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