Help with RT-11 V02B

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 14:23:43 2004

>>>>> "Jerome" == Jerome H Fine <> writes:

 Jerome> HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! After I "BOOT DX0" and:

 Jerome> .R PIP *RK0:*=RK0:RKMNSJ.SYS/U

 Jerome> Then back to E11 and "BOOT RK0" It does not work!

 Jerome> But if I "BOOT DX0" again and:

 Jerome> .R PIP *RK0:*=RK0:MONITR.SYS/U

 Jerome> and repeat, then I am able to "BOOT RK0", but I end up on
 Jerome> DX0, which is what I would expect since under V02B, the file
 Jerome> MONITR.SYS is really DXMNSJ.SYS and has all the stuff to boot
 Jerome> DX0 which it does do!

 Jerome> So what might be wrong? Any Ideas? In addition, when I:

 Jerome> .R PIP *DX0:*=DX0:DXMNFB.SYS/U

 Jerome> and then go back to E11 and "BOOT DX0", the expected boot of
 Jerome> DXMNFB.SYS also does not work. Maybe I am using the wrong
 Jerome> switches for V02B of RT-11 or the files DXMNFB.SYS and
 Jerome> RKMNSJ.SYS are corrupted.

No, the problem is that the monitor you want to boot MUST be called

So the correct commands are:
   .r pip

Ditto if you want to switch monitors on the floppy boot medium.

You copied the floppy system, so the monitr.sys you have is the one
that is intended for a floppy disk as the system disk. When you
hooked that (with /u) indeed it will boot the DX0 system. Not because
"under V02B, MONITR.SYS is really DXMNSJ.SYS" but rather because you
started from a floppy system so on THAT system, MONITR.SYS is a
monitor built for a floppy system device.

See also page 4-34 in the RT11 SYSGEN manual, which you can find at
That describes the procedure for switching between SJ and FB monitors,
which clearly shows that the key issue is that the monitor you want to
boot is always MONITR.SYS.

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