[OT] Speaking of explosion...

From: Patrick Rigney <patrick_at_evocative.com>
Date: Fri Feb 13 14:20:55 2004

Sorry everyone, it's Friday, and my mind isn't on focused on work at all.

I thought I'd share something I found humorous. I just got a recall notice
and replacement battery for my Kyocera phone. In the letter that
accompanied the new battery, written by a Kyocera attorney, it was said that
there was little risk of a widespread problem, and only a few people had
been affected by the (I quote) "rapid disassembly" of the device, and of
those, only one person had received second degree burns, and property damage
in other cases was minor.

"Rapid disassembly" ??? As if angry little gnomes in the battery wake up
and start taking it apart and throwing pieces around (flaming pieces, I'd
assume, given that burns and property damage resulted)? I assume he meant
it can *explode*, or is that a "forceful rapid disassembly" (and therefore
something entirely different).

Anyway, whatever you do, don't let those gnomes into your classic computers.
I can only assume those of you with caps that have given in to rapid
disassembly (or perhaps even forceful rapid disassembly, or worse, sudden
intense warming accompanied by forceful rapid disassembly and ensuing
off-gassing of combustion by-products) let those gnomes get in there.

Have a great weekend, all... --Patrick :o)
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