[OT] Magic smoke. (Was: Speaking of explosion...)

From: David Vohs <netsurfer_x1_at_fastmailbox.net>
Date: Sat Feb 14 14:40:24 2004

Good advice Pat! I think I'll keep an eye out for these dirty little

Also, to add on to what you were saying, whatever you do, *don't* let the
magic smoke out of your classic computer(s). I know age does have a
tendency to cause "leaks" that can let said smoke out.

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 12:20:55 -0800, "Patrick Rigney"
<patrick_at_evocative.com> said:
> Sorry everyone, it's Friday, and my mind isn't on focused on work at all.
> I thought I'd share something I found humorous. I just got a recall
> notice
> and replacement battery for my Kyocera phone. In the letter that
> accompanied the new battery, written by a Kyocera attorney, it was said
> that
> there was little risk of a widespread problem, and only a few people had
> been affected by the (I quote) "rapid disassembly" of the device, and of
> those, only one person had received second degree burns, and property
> damage
> in other cases was minor.
> "Rapid disassembly" ??? As if angry little gnomes in the battery wake up
> and start taking it apart and throwing pieces around (flaming pieces, I'd
> assume, given that burns and property damage resulted)? I assume he
> meant
> it can *explode*, or is that a "forceful rapid disassembly" (and
> therefore
> something entirely different).
> Anyway, whatever you do, don't let those gnomes into your classic
> computers.
> I can only assume those of you with caps that have given in to rapid
> disassembly (or perhaps even forceful rapid disassembly, or worse, sudden
> intense warming accompanied by forceful rapid disassembly and ensuing
> off-gassing of combustion by-products) let those gnomes get in there.
> Have a great weekend, all... --Patrick :o)
  David Vohs
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