VAX Booting and Startup Dilema (was: VAX console and crossover...)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Fri Feb 20 17:58:13 2004

Quothe Witchy, from writings of Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 01:19:46PM -0000:
> My wiring bible built up over many moons has a passive MMJ-DB25 pinout as
> the reverse of that based on your diagram above:

Thanks... that was it. I located my Rat Shack mini-tester and
discovered that the TD light was lit... right then and there, I knew
something was backwards. :-) Also, thanks to Fred for advising me to
not use handshaking. I was then getting data from the VAX on the
xterm, but no data was being accepted by the VAX. After setting flow
control to xon/xoff, I could boot the VAX. :-)

Still, a few things don't seem right, as I can't get to a login
prompt. The system waits forever after displaying the following:

$! Copyright (c) 1991 Digital Equipment Corporation. All rights reserved.

%STDRV-I-STARTUP, VMS startup begun at 20-FEB-2004 15:10:39.9

Next, I tried booting into the sysboot prompt with "b/1 dia0:", got
a sysboot> prompt and from there, using:


was able to get to a DCL prompt. However, the following, which I'm
certain that I did before without any problems, occurs after the
following commands:


$ sys$system:startup
%DCL-W-NOLBLS, label ignored - use only within command procedures

Any thoughts/ideas? If it matters, it's VAX/VMS 5.5.
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