"This old SGI" page - anyone have a copy?

From: Corda Albert J DLVA <CordaAJ_at_NSWC.NAVY.MIL>
Date: Fri Feb 20 17:51:12 2004

Out of curiosity, what were they complaining about? If it's just the use
of the SGI logo, that's easily remedied (I'll replace it with something
non-copyrighted... wasn't there a picture somewhere on the web of a
Rack Onyx sitting next to a dumpster?).

If, however, it concerns contents, (i.e. hardware hacks to the machine)
that may be another matter... however, I don't see how they could
pursue this, as long as you're not reverse-engineering a PROM. I still
believe you're allowed to take things apart, fix 'em and put 'em back
together again.

I will however, state that I don't have the financial means (or inclination)
to get into a legal fight with SGI over this...


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I'm glad to know the "paralegal from hell" hasn't contacted you yet.
"Never Beige" and "The Sgi Addict" bit the dust due to legal threats
from SGI. I have enjoyed your site and hope to see it online once again.


Corda Albert J DLVA wrote:

>Since this is actually my page, I should probably see what's going on...
>admittedly, I've kind of let it lapse for the past couple of years,
>(things got really busy for a while...). When I first put this together,
>it was the only reference out there of this type for SGI stuff (which is
>I did it.) Now, there seem to be a whole host of SGI specific sites, so
>I never really saw the need to update it... the new sites seemed to be
>handling the newer systems quite adequately.

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