VAX Booting and Startup Dilema (was: VAX console and crossover...)

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Date: Fri Feb 20 18:12:51 2004

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> accepted by the VAX. After setting flow control to xon/xoff,
> I could boot the VAX. :-)

Yay. I'd forgotten about the 'don't use hardware handshaking' rule 'cos I
just plug VAXen into a VT these days.
> $ sys$system:startup
> %DCL-W-NOLBLS, label ignored - use only within command
> procedures \SYS$SYSTEM:\
> _What:
> Any thoughts/ideas? If it matters, it's VAX/VMS 5.5.

You've missed the _at_ off the beginning of the line:


However, it might also be useful to boot to SYSBOOT with:

>>> B/1 dia0
SYSBOOT> set startup_p1 "min"
SYSBOOT> set startup_p2 "TRUE"

Which will give you detailed lists of what the VAX is doing as it boots. I
don't remember a VMS 5 system giving the %STDRV message at boot time though,
but then I didn't see every VMS 5 system boot :)

Let us know what you get!


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