"This old SGI" page - anyone have a copy?

From: James Rice <jrice54_at_charter.net>
Date: Fri Feb 20 22:07:13 2004

They are complaining about the use of the cube logo, the Silicon
Graphics font logos, referring to the workstations in plural such as
"Indigo's", using official pictures and not having a disclaimer that the
site is not authorized by Sgi, no products sold here are warranted or
authorized by Sgi and no warranties as far as the accuracy of
information is given by Sgi.

I put the disclaimers on my site, but no one has asked for the logo to
be removed. I don't have the resources to fight either.


Corda Albert J DLVA wrote:

>Out of curiosity, what were they complaining about? If it's just the use
>of the SGI logo, that's easily remedied (I'll replace it with something
>non-copyrighted... wasn't there a picture somewhere on the web of a
>Rack Onyx sitting next to a dumpster?).
>If, however, it concerns contents, (i.e. hardware hacks to the machine)
>that may be another matter... however, I don't see how they could
>pursue this, as long as you're not reverse-engineering a PROM. I still
>believe you're allowed to take things apart, fix 'em and put 'em back
>together again.
>I will however, state that I don't have the financial means (or inclination)
>to get into a legal fight with SGI over this...

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