Everex EV-831

From: TRASH3_at_splab.cas.neu.edu <(TRASH3_at_splab.cas.neu.edu)>
Date: Mon Feb 23 11:23:29 2004

I have three 5.25 inch floppies that have the labels (copies):
EVEREX EXCEL STREAMING TAPE ST 4061 VER 4.06 EV0-00830-00 MAY 24 1988.
Disk 2 and 3 have similar labels, but are 4062 and 4063. Upon running
the tape program on disk 1, the options for hardware are:
Full Size QIC-36 tape controller board
Full Size cassette tape controller board
Half Size QIC-02 tape controller board
Diskette and QIC-02 board
2/3 Size QIC-36
Disk and QIC-36
Disk and QIC-02

The program does not give model numbers, but shows a graphic of the board
and all the jumpers.

Ya think this software will help you?

Joe Heck
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