Egregious VMS newbie questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Jan 11 12:40:56 2004

On Sun, Jan 11, 2004 at 01:14:20PM -0500, John Lawson wrote:
> So now my untutored Quesions am:
> Can this be done:
> VAXstation --> Ethernet -->[???]<-- Ethernet <-- cablemodem <-- the Net.

> What adapts Thin Ethernet coax to Cat5?

Three things come to mind immediately:

1) a media-converter. A box the size of a pack of cards that has two media
   interfaces. More ordinary ones are 10BaseT to 10BaseFL (fiber), but
   there are 10Base2 to 10BaseT boxes. These days, if you can locate one,
   they should be cheap. Once upon a time, they were $75-$100.

2) a sufficiently equipped 10BaseT hub. I have a NetGear 10BaseT hub (not a
   switch) with 8 10BaseT ports in front, one 10Base2 port and one AUI port
   in back. I happen to have a 10BaseFL transciever on mine, but that's
   coincidental. The important part is that all of my ancient, pre-100BaseT
   devices go through this hub. The hub is attached to my cable modem via
   an ordinary 100BaseT/10BaseT switch (also NetGear).

3) a router. If you want your own firewall that you control and program,
   put a 10Base2 card in it and give it its own network. You can have one
   100BaseT card in the router for the cable modem side, another 100BaseT
   card for "modern" hardware, and a thinnet (10Base2) segment for classic

> What is the system called that VMS uses to chain all the DCL commands to
> auto-execute at startup? I wanna edit a lot of them out - especially
> right now it's looking for a cluster it can't find, and periodically
> (every 15 mins) complains of "too few servers".

SYS$MANAGER holds lots of goodies, but beware randomly editing things. If
you want make the machine *stop* doing things, cutting sections out of system
files is usually regarded as bad. There's a way to "uncluster" your machine,
but since I've never done it, I can't tell you the simplest way to do it.

Even when you want to make your machine *start* doing things at startup that
it never did before, there are places to add new commands that don't involve
altering system scripts (kinda like rc.local under *BSD), but since I'm not
in front of a VMS machine at the moment, I hesitate to name specific files
from memory (it's now been 4 months since I did VMS daily... the details
evaporate fast when you can't peek ;-)

Here's some things I found using "VMS startup customize" in google:

> Thirdly/finally: Anyone got a VMS Grey Wall they'd like to unload cheap?
> I'll pay for the books, packing and shipping to zip 89706 (Carson City,
> NV).

Not mine. Nor my Orange Wall. Nor my Blue Wall. :-)

Besides... the Grey Wall is for VMS 5.x. They went to bound volumes for
VMS 6.x and newer. Not as sexy, but a lot smaller.

> Cheers!
> John

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