How 'bout classic MIDI cards? (was Classic Sound Cards?

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Mon Jan 12 17:27:07 2004

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> "Old" Synths like the Roland D-50, the Kawai K1 or the Korg M1 still fetch
> great prices on ebay and are a pleasure to use.

Geez, I guess my K1-II *is* old -- I bought it new in '91! Still rocks,

At that same time, I purchased a Voyetra V24-S 8-bit MIDI controller card
for my PC.

I still use both these gems several times a month. The V24-S has *four*
MIDI output ports, so up to 64 instruments can be controlled by it . . . try
pricing something like that today. Only problem with it is that it requires
an ISA slot, so upgrades to my home PC have to take that into consideration.

Anyone else on the list have any classic old MIDI boards they still use?

Later --

Glen Goodwin

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